All products will be shipped from Japan by airmail. Please note that arrival may be delayed due to reduced flights or delayed customs inspections. ##### Due to airmail restrictions, we cannot ship to some countries. (If airmail is restricted, it may take some time to arrive, although some countries can handle it by surface mail.) We will update the shipping method when the restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your understanding.

Resumed acceptance of flights to Belgium.

JP POST's airmail restrictions due to the situation in Ukraine are still ongoing, but airmail to Belgium has been resumed.

Countries that have resumed acceptance will be updated again.

Shipping costs vary by weight.
It is recommended to purchase in bulk rather than individually.
Please check the shipping fee by looking at the shop with your friends and putting the item in the cart.

Also, if you live in an area where shipping is not possible, some companies offer an international transfer service, so you may be able to make transactions using that service.
(Please enter necessary information such as telephone number and VAT number for shipping address information)